Tarmac Paths in Wandsworth

Are you in search of the best contractor for tarmac paths in Wandsworth? It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to add a brand new path, repair an old one that’s seen better days, or replacing an existing path entirely, Resin Driveways Wandsworth Wandsworth has got you covered. We’ve been providing the highest quality surfaces and groundwork for many years, and we won’t be beaten on service and value for money. Call today on 020 3475 2435 for information on our full range of services, and our friendly staff will happily answer any queries you might have.

Tarmac Paths Wandsworth Residents will Envy

Tarmac Paths in WandsworthProperty owners will agree its more than just a nuisance when visitors walk over greenery and lawns, resulting in the garden filth ending up on your carpet. The scenery that’s been nurtured and grown for ages is easily ruined by such things. In the same breath, it’s also frustrating to have to walk over greenery yourself in order to reach your car or go out. It doesn’t look good turning up to a business meeting with filthy shoes. Resin Driveways Wandsworth Wandsworth is here to help with our unbeatable tarmac paths in Wandsworth.

Our team of tradespeople are fully qualified and very professional in the pursuit of perfection. It may seem trivial, but the addition of Wandsworth tarmac paths can make a huge difference to the aesthetic of your home or commercial building. We all know first impressions matter, and it’s said that a person forms 90% of their opinions of a person in the first ten seconds of meeting them. We believe the same can be said of a property. If you’ve turned up to a business meeting and get out of your car onto a decaying car park and the pathways are cracked, marred and pitted, it sets a bad precedent. If you step out your vehicle onto a clean, well presented car park and your walk to the front of the building is on smooth, flawless Wandsworth tarmac paths; your opinion will be vastly different.

On this front, our tarmac paths in Wandsworth are considered a cut above the rest. Do you want a tarmac path that looks like all the rest, or would you rather have a seamlessly integrated tarmac pathway that compliments its surroundings, and is also customisable with borders and finishing options? The choice is obvious, especially when the pricing is so competitive.

If you’ve got a taste for the finer things in life, and clean cut tarmac paths in Wandsworth won’t cut it by themselves, we’ve got the solution. Amidst the abounding number of other services we offer, block paving can be used to add a more bespoke feel to your new tarmac paths Wandsworth.

The block paving can be added as a border to contrast the tarmac’s jet black appearance and give your path a decorative edge. The block paving can also be used to surround the tarmac, so your driveway can be a refined pure black runway to a flawless block paved parking space. The contrast can greatly improve the overall aesthetic of your property, and even be a rapid method of adding value. Call us today and enquire about tarmac paths Wandsworth.

The current property market is a turbulent place to be. If you’re trying to sell your house, but you’re struggling to attract the type of home buyers your property deserves, it may be time to add some tarmac paths. In Wandsworth, the addition of our paths can make the difference. Your home may be beautiful inside, but if the client doesn’t make it past the front door because an unmaintained pathway has given them the wrong impression, then it’s an opportunity wasted. Resin Driveways Wandsworth Wandsworth is here to make sure your tarmac paths in Wandsworth are better than any others. We’ve yet to meet someone that’s suggested a chiselled looking tarmac path isn’t a great addition to a home’s façade.

Tarmac Driveways

Using our attention to detail and processes from our tarmac paths in Wandsworth, we can give you the absolute best in tarmac driveways as well. The front of a business building can be elevated significantly by a stunning tarmac drive. Our specialist team can also provide all the line markings and will match their service to your specific requirements.

Whether your property is in need of restoration on the driveway front or lacks a driveway entirely, this is a rapid solution we offer at very competitive prices.

What Can We Offer – Aside From Tarmac Paths in Wandsworth

Our team are uniquely skilled in many areas of groundwork. Our services extend to the following areas:

Resin Driveways Wandsworth Wandsworth have years of experience to deploy when providing any of our services.

Resin Bound

Like our tarmac paths in Wandsworth, our resin bound surfaces can add a charming accent to an already stunning property, or add a completely new aesthetic level to the front of our home. They’re able to give your property a completely bespoke appearance and offer a wide selection of different results depending on your chosen aggregate.

The system implements a two-part resin polymer, which is combined in a forced action mixer with your chosen aggregate. The resulting amalgamation is laid over a prepared surface, such as concrete or tarmacadam, to a depth of 12-25mm. The depth, again, depends on your choice of aggregate, and some options available to you include:

  • Barley Beach
  • Cornfield
  • Frosted Dawn
  • Lunar Falls
  • Mocha Beach
  • Natural Wicker and More

After the resin has set and the layer is stable, a finishing coat is applied. This gives the surface a smooth finish, seals the surface and also adds a non-slip characteristic for added safety. As with our tarmac paths in Wandsworth, the finished surface is very low maintenance. Our resin bound services can be brushed, hoses or jet-washed (max pressure 1.5 bar) to remove debris and dirt. Oil and spillages are easily removed with mild detergent and water.

Resin Bond

An alternative to our resin bound surfaces, and similar in flexibility with a number of different aggregate options available. Some examples include:

  • Brittany Bronze
  • Corn Flint
  • Danish Quartz
  • Grey Bauxite
  • Staffordshire Pink
  • Rhine Gold and More

The name may give it away; the resin is used to bond the aggregate to a prepared surface, much like glue. Unlike glue, it’s extremely tough and durable, and just like our tarmac paths in Wandsworth; very low maintenance. The resin is applied directly to the surface and ‘blinded’ with your chosen aggregate.

After the resin sets, the finishing coat is applied to give a smooth, non-slip finish and seal the surface to prolong its functional and aesthetic lifespan. The layer of screed for bonded surfaces is around 3-6mm think, due to unmixed aggregate being much easier to spread evenly. The loose stones are swept away before the finishing coat is used.

Soft Play Surfaces

Tarmac Paths in Wandsworth

Tarmac paths in Wandsworth have their place and can be a perfect addition to any property, but when it comes to a child’s safety in an injury prone environment, it may be better to have an impact absorbing surface. Resin Driveways Wandsworth Wandsworth is proud to present our soft play solutions, using the highest grade EPDM and SBR materials.

These surfaces can give you peace of mind, knowing that the impact absorbing, non-slip surface will reduce the risk of injury dramatically. We have laid soft play surfaces and surrounded them with our Wandsworth tarmac paths, so you can have the best of both worlds; safety and aesthetics. The materials we use are available in several different colour options, so you can have a truly unique area.

Artificial Grass

In order for your tarmac paths in Wandsworth to really stand out, they should be sufficiently accented by high quality artificial grass. You’ll never have to worry about dragging the lawn mower out on those rainy or cold days again. And on top of now having to mow the lawn, there’s no chance of the mower damaging or tarnishing your Wandsworth tarmac paths. It’s a win-win.

Our NamGrass range gives you assorted options, from natural looking green grass to eye-catching royal blue and even bright yellow. The grasses are all fully pet safe and very low maintenance. Your tarmac paths in Wandsworth are sure to attract attention when they’re combined with NamGrass professional fitted by Resin Driveways Wandsworth Wandsworth.

Why Us for Tarmac Paths Wandsworth

Searching for a contractor that you can trust and will provide reliable, quality and low-cost services can leave you with a headache. Resin Driveways Wandsworth Wandsworth has built up a sterling reputation for singular customer service and exceptional results, without breaking the bank. A lot of our clients hear about us from word-of-mouth, which is a testament to our high quality groundwork and unbeatable professional attitude. If you’d like to see our work for yourself, please visit our gallery. We’re sure you’ll like what you see.

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