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Are you in need of exceptional fencing contractors in Wandsworth? Resin Driveways Wandsworth Wandsworth provide the most professional fencing solutions that any fencing contractors Wandsworth have to offer. Our team of highly experienced tradespeople are available to give you a service that’s unmatchable, combining vast knowledge and attention to detail. Contact us today on 020 3475 2435 to find out about the array of options we have at competitive prices.


Wandsworth Fencing Contractors

At Resin Driveways Wandsworth Wandsworth, our team have been providing superior service for years and continuously strive to improve. This has led to a reputation as being the best fencing contractors in Wandsworth and surrounding area. We’ll make sure the solution is perfect for you and match our service to your requirements to give you what you need.

Whether you’re after added security or more aesthetic fencing, we’ve got a large selection of options for you to choose from. If you’re not sure, our team will give you a shortlist of the most suitable products and work with you to select the best one.

If you need more than just fencing alone, our fencing contractors in Wandsworth offer other services, such as:fencing contractors in Wandsworth

  • Resin Bound Driveways and Paths
  • Resin Bond Driveways and Paths
  • Tarmac Surfacing
  • Soft Play Surfaces
  • Artificial Grass


At Resin Driveways Wandsworth Wandsworth, we pride ourselves in providing exemplary service at brilliant prices. Enquire today on 020 3475 2435 for more information.


More About Services From Our Fencing Contractors Wandsworth

If you’re a business owner and you’re looking for an affordable way to secure your property or compound, our team of fencing contractors in Wandsworth can help. We have a selection of solutions that suit all needs. We can provide gates and high security locks as well, for that peace of mind you’re looking for. Give our team your requirements and what level if security is needed and they will present options we know you’ll be happy with.

High security options aren’t always the solution clients are looking for, especially if it’s your home that you would like to secure. Therefore we also offer decorative fencing to give your home that appeal and make a great first impression. The number of options can be overwhelming, and finding the perfect fencing option for your home can prove the toughest part of the job. Our team of fencing contractors in Wandsworth will help you make the best decisions every step of the way.

There are different options available for material, height and colour, so you we can give your home or business a bespoke, refined appearance and make a positive impression on potential clients, visitors or home buyers. If your home is on the market, Resin Driveways Wandsworth Wandsworth have affordable solutions than can boost the value of your property and attract more attention from the housing market.

The first stage of the process is a free survey and consultation with our Wandsworth fencing contractors. We’ll ascertain your requirements and the land we’ll be working with to combine your vision with our talents and produce the best solution. Afterwards, our team consisting of the best fencing contractors Wandsworth has to offer will swiftly bring your vision to realisation, with a quality of work and service that will leave you knowing you make the right decision coming to Resin Driveways Wandsworth Wandsworth.


More about Other Services from Our Wandsworth Fencing Contractors

As well as fencing, our team are masters of various aspects of groundworks. So if you’re looking for a sleek driveway to go with your new fencing, we’re the ones you need to call.


Resin Bound Surfaces

Our team of fencing contractors Wandsworth implement a system called Resin Bound Aggregate, which is a method of surfacing Resin Driveways Wandsworth Wandsworth is renowned for. Our materials come from reputable suppliers, and we make sure we only use the best. To achieve the bound system, a two part polymer resin is added to your chosen aggregate and combined inside a forced-action mixer.

The suspension is spread evenly and with care, over an existing, suitable surface. The surface must be suitable to achieve adhesion, so concrete or tarmacadam are the best surfaces to apply the resin bound compound. There are a number of options available from our fencing contractors Wandsworth for the aggregate used in the process. Some examples include:

  • fencing contractors in WandsworthBarley Beach
  • Cornfield
  • Haybale
  • Lunar Falls
  • Natural Wicker
  • Roasted Red and more


The layer is applied to a depth of between 12mm and 25mm depending on the aggregate chosen and the area it’s applied to. This solution can be implemented to solve troublesome puddle forming areas or imperfections.

After the layer is applied and the resin cured, our fencing contractors Wandsworth add a non-slip coating to the surface for added durability and security. This coating also maximises ease of cleaning and maintenance. The surface can be brushed, hosed or jet washed (max pressure 1.5bar), and oil spillages can be removed with a mild detergent and water mixture.


Resin Bonded Surfaces

An alternative method to Resin Bound systems available from our Wandsworth Resin Bond experts. This method uses a similar resin applied straight to the surface, and there is no mixing prior to application and the aggregate is laid onto the resin before it’s cured. The laying of the aggregate is a process called ‘blinding’. The aggregate partially sinks into the resin and when the resin cures it provides tough and durable cohesion between the aggregate and prepared surface underneath.

The bonded surfaces are generally between 3mm and 6mm in depth, again depending on the selected aggregate, so colour options for which include:

  • Buff Bauxite
  • Danish Quartz
  • Grey Bauxite
  • Staffordshire Pink
  • Rhine Gold
  • Red Granite and more


Any loose aggregate is swept away by our fencing contractors Wandsworth, and the non-slip coating is applied for increased longevity of the surface, improved stability and ease of maintenance.


Tarmacadam Surfaces

Being the most professional fencing contractors Wandsworth has to offer, we offer efficient and cost-effective tarmacadam solutions for driveways, playgrounds, roads and car parks. So if you need a rapid solution for a sleek look to your property, then tarmac might be your best option. It’s a simple process and can be applied quickly, with the addition of road markings available as well. Our team of fencing contractors Wandsworth are specialists in supplying superior tarmac and flawless application. A well-laid tarmac driveway or car park can drastically increase the aesthetic appeal of the property.


Soft Play Surfaces

For a safe, impact absorbing alternative for play areas, Resin Driveways Wandsworth Wandsworth offer soft play surfaces at prices you won’t find anywhere else. When it comes to children, we know their wellbeing and safety is your primary concern, so keep them safe with soft play surfaces from the Wandsworth Surface experts.

The EPDM and SBR compounds used are accredited and approved materials for the use in soft play areas. They give high durability and strength while being flexible enough to take the force out of the impact of a fall. So you can rest easy knowing play areas with our soft play surfaces are the safest around. There are many colour options available and our team are fully qualified and have a lot of experience working with soft play, so we can supply a superior finish to any other fencing contractors Wandsworth.


Artificial Grass and Other Services

fencing contractors in WandsworthSometimes lawn maintenance can become tiresome and therefore neglected. Lawns can quickly become unruly and hard to manage. Our fencing contractors Wandsworth have the solution – artificial grass. It can be laid to look like the real thing, without the maintenance, or if you prefer something unique, we also offer a number of different colours and designs. Our NamGrass gives you the finish you’ve been looking for, with no need to cut or reseed like natural grass lawns.

On top of being the most professional fencing contractors Wandsworth is home to, our team can provide a complete infrastructure solution for the installation of service trenches. Our outstanding service trenches are available for housing development, commercial and office construction and public authorities.

Decking can be the highlight of summer, especially when you’re playing host to a large-scale barbeque. Make sure it’s done right and contact Resin Driveways Wandsworth Wandsworth, and we’ll give you a deck that your friends and neighbours will admire. Our fencing contractors Wandsworth offer flexible solutions that will match your requirements in minute detail, as we will employ our attention to even the smallest details. Contact us today on 020 3475 2435 for more information and arrange a free quotation.


Why Us for Fencing Contractors In Wandsworth

Our impeccable service over many years has made us the choice Wandsworth fencing contractors. We have a name for providing superior quality, great product choice, flexible schedules, outstanding customer service and prices that won’t be beaten. All of our team are professional tradespeople that are qualified, certified and fully insured in their respective fields of expertise. We’ve completed many jobs for clients in both residential and commercial properties for private and public sectors.


If you’re still unsure and don’t want to take our word for it, please take a look at our gallery and testimonials for our clients’ feedback. Mrs J Carlisle for example, she said “Our garden was looking a little worse for wear and lacking in privacy, so, after a recommendation from a close friend, we decided to give Resin Driveways Wandsworth a call to see what could be done. We were so impressed with their attention to detail, and the stunning design they created for us. We now can’t wait for summer to enjoy our brand new garden! Many thanks again to the team!”


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